Our CNC Router machines can cut a variety of materials from thermoplastics, Die-bond composite boards to Timber. We can router materials up to the thicknesses of 100mm. Our designers construct product drawings with a cutting template for the CNC operator. The CNC operator will then program the machine to either cut a design to shape, drill holes or drill slots.

CNC Router requirments


Clear Design uses the latest technology to offer perfect precision Laser Cutting. The laser can cut up to 15mm thick acrylic, leaving a clean edge that does not require further polishing. Laser Cutting technology allows us to pay greater attention to detail. Our Laser Engraving processes are CNC (computer numerical control) controlled, enabling us to deliver perfect permanent markings which outdo our competitors.

Laser cutting Requirments


Our table saw is used for simpler cuts and getting larger sheets to the required size. Our hand process uses special acrylic drill bits with a drill press when drilling holes in flat panels and blocks.