With advanced technology and extensive expertise Clear Design is ahead of the rest delivering cost effective high end precision machining and fabrication for all our client’s cutting needs.

Our CNC Router machines cutmaterials such as acrylic, woodand metals. Our designers willthen construct product drawingswith a cutting template for theCNC operator. The CNC operatorwill then program the machine toeither cut a design to shape, drillholes or drill slots.

Using the latest technology and up to date machinery Clear Design is able to offer perfect precision laser cutting. Cutting up to 30mm acrylic thickness, laser cutting leaves a clean edge that does not require further polishing. Greater design details can now be achieved using laser-cut technology. Clear Design manufactures a wide range of eye-catching promotional products. All our Laser Engraving processes are CNC controlled (meaning ‘Computer Numerical Control’), we can therefore deliver perfect pemanent markings which outlast most other branding methods.


We specialise in creating custom work for all our clients. (Please check out our gallery page with some examples of our latest custom work). To start your new project please contact us with the following information:

  1. Your chosen material and the required thickness.
  2. Desired finish.
  3. Dimensions.
  4. If possible a digital drawing or example indicating the shapes and sizes (in either dwg, dxf, ai format).