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Floor Standing Art Easel

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Clear Design Easel

Clear Design’s modern easel option is designed and built using highest quality acrylic materials available with extra care and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

Clear Design team of experienced fabricators pride themselves in delivering high quality products at all times, satisfying our client’s expectations. The easel is use across Africa supporting special events, Exhibition and Hotel’s conferences. Religious service and Sporting awards, Corporate and Government departments.

Floor Standing Art Easel

Floor standing Clear Plexiglas Easel. The Easel can be adjusted as required to display a painting or photographs etc. The Frame is designed with swing out stabilising feet, for stability. All edges are polished crystal clear with smooth finish.

Use: To display printed or painted Artwork, Information posters etc. in the Home, Office, Hotel Receptions and Exhibi¬tion Conference Centres, bringing awareness to the public audience on functions and promotions. All clear edges are polished crystal clear.

Free – A complimentary drop over dust cover and polishing soap is included with Easel.

Easel Measurements: 1750mm High with a 180mm Frame Width and a Foot Base of 800mm. Wide when fully open.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Decorative Artwork can be added to the Easel. Client to supply artwork in print ready PDF for UV digital printing.
  • All prices quoted are cash prices, excluding 14% VAT
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • Price quoted is excluding delivery / shipping cost.

Complete T&C can be viewed on the Clear Design website

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