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Material options used by Clear Design is carefully chosen for their high quality and reliability in supporting demanding and creative product design. Clear Design is well established with over 20 year fabrication experanced. We are known for quality workmanship our client have come to expect and trust.

Plexiglas GS –Cast acrylic sheeting.

Unsurpassed resistance to aging and weathering with brilliant surface finish. Highly transparent (Clear 92% light transmission) break resistant. Available in clear & various colours.


Plexiglas Resist –Extruded acrylic sheeting

Tough, highly transparent, brilliant weather-resistant, impact-modified extruded acrylic sheeting. Available in clear.


Plexiglas Rob and Tubing

Ideally suitable for architectural interior and exterior lighting, contemporary furniture, luxury brand merchandizing, store fixtures, POP and trade show displays, industrial pneumatic delivery and conveying systems and decorative architectural features. Available in clear and Satinice Frost.


Perspex cast acrylic sheeting

High quality durable acrylic sheet, resistant to aging and weathering with brilliant surface finish. Available in clear & various colours.



ABS is lightweight extruded sheet with high rigidity and impact strength. It has excellent electrical insulating properties and is an ideal for print projects and low costing point of displays. Available in white.



Twin wall extruded sheet with good stiffness, corona treated to allow printing. Good cost effective option for indoor and outdoor short term signs. Available in white.


Die Bond

High quality, rigid light weight stable aluminium composite material with a high UV resistance. Can be router cut, folded and bend to shape. Ideal for digital printing, vinyl applications. Available in wide range of colours.


MDF Wood

MDF, or medium-density fibreboard, is both stronger and denser than chipboard and can be used similarly to plywood. MDF is ideal for creative designs and fine router detailing supporting signage, shop fitting exhibition displays and point of sale stands.


Plexiglas XT-Extruded acrylic sheeting.

Clear grades are absolutely colourless and brilliant clear. Good, high-gloss surface finish. Resistance to weathering and ageing. Has excellent thickness tolerance. The ideal option for affordability in fabrication & printing product manufactuinging with high quality results. Available in clear & various colours.


Plexiglas Satinice

Decorative and functional elements. Frosted option from Plexiglas, unlike other plastics, the frosted surface is insensitive to scratching and does not show finger marks. Available in various colours.


Acrylic Mirror

Half the weight of glass, acrylic mirror is shatterproof and has excellent design flexibility. Available in Silver, Gold and Bronze.



PETG is a high strength material with good chemical resistance. Available in clear.



High impact polystyrene sheet, lower costing option to ABS, ideal for indoor short term use. Available in white.


Koma Print

High density PVC foam sheet for point of sale and print signage displays. Light weight and good resistance to weathering. Available in white.



Plywood boards are manufactured wood panels made from thin sheets of wood veneer. Plywood sheets are generally glued together with adjacent sheets having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees relative to adjacent layers.


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