Latest accomplishment


We are pleased to announce we are a winner of a GAPP Award for 2022!

We entered a beautiful art piece by John Catlin into this prestigious competition and won a gold trophy! Our Johannesburg sales representative attended the event and represented Clear Design (pictured on the left). The art piece of Nelson Mandela (pictured in the centre) was entered into the large format – art reproduction category.

A Clear Design podium was used for the show and presentation of the awards (pictured on the right). This competition enabled us to display our capabilities and high quality printing finishes! 

Make a color splash! With our custom acrylic printing capabilities, your options are endless. 

We print in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) colors. Within these base colors there are over 100 steps in each, which leaves us with over 10 million possibilities.

UV-digital printing

We operate a large area flatbed printer. The ink we use is ideal for printing on various materials (as mentioned below) and remains unaffected by sunlight. It has many perks such as it being smear resistant and its ability to remain clean, clear and easy to read. We can print it all from simple flat color artworks to high resolution photographs!

VinYl printing

Vinyl printing includes a large, wide format inkjet printing machine that prints artwork on huge rolls of coated plastic. The specialized rolls is able to receive inks and print high resolution artwork. We have our own vinyl printer that is able to print and cut small, large and varying shaped prints. We print signage, graphics, vehicle wrap, stickers, labels and many more. All perfect for business promotion and display.

Materials we print on

-Acrylic (XT & Resist)

-Cast Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas & Green Cast)

-PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)

-ABS & PST (High Impact Polystyrene)


-Multiple Papers Up To 40MM Thickness

-Modelling Cardboard

-Self Adhesive Vinyl

-Rowmark (Engravable Plastics)

-Die Bond (Aluminium Composite)

-Chroma Deck (Coating Metal Sheet)

-Forescolor (Composite Wood)

-MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard)

-Plywood (Wood Veneer)   

What we print


Corporate Branding

Vinyl Stickers