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Cut-A-Way Frame Podium

A Cut-A-Way Frame Podium is a podium that has a unique design featuring a frame with cut-outs or openings that create an interesting visual effect.

The cut-outs in the frame can be in various shapes and sizes, such as squares, circles, or irregular shapes. Comes with two built in shelves and designed with bolt on front panel.

We offer printing services to print your branding or artwork on to the podium.


Podium Size

Height 1200mm, Width 550mm, Depth 400mm


Branding with UV-digital print or vinyl decal, Branding without UV-digital print or vinyl decal

This type of podium is often used in modern and contemporary settings, such as conference rooms, lecture halls, or event spaces, to provide a visually appealing and functional platform for speakers or presenters.

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