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We are always striving to offer more to you with our seasonal products ranges. Throughout the year you will be catered for all you special holiday needs.

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We have the perfect Easter gift, a bunny shaped chocolate egg holder manufactured in either acrylic or birch wood.

We have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones! A clear and white acrylic macaroon stand, available in a 5-tiered and 10-tiered display stand. These stands are perfect for bakers, (aspiring) chefs, dinner party hosts, entertainers, cafes, restaurants and bakeries. It is the ideal display for all confectioneries.

For the traditional Valentine’s Day gift (flowers), we have clear acrylic rose boxes. These rose boxes is the perfect display to hold and showcase your roses. They are various sizes and hold 1, 9 or 12 roses. To add a special touch, the 9 Roses Box is also available with a drawer for accessories and jewellery.

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