A new year is the perfect opportunity to refresh your desk! We have developed a range of stationery and office supplies perfect for work, study and play. These tools are essential to remaining organised, stress-free, inspired and successful!

Whether you are a super mom or dad, workaholic, college student or scholar, these are very useful, unique and functional stationery supplies for your desk.

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We have a gorgeous A5 calendar comprised of an easel with twelve printed acrylic panels.

Customers can send us twelve pictures and we are able to print it onto the calendar for each month of the year. It creates a personalized, sentimental piece for your desk, cabinet, bookshelf, kitchen counter, living room and office.

Dimensions – 150mm wide x 50mm deep x 210mm high


Our desk organizer includes 1 tray, 1 cellphone holder, 1 acrylic block to put in front of the cellphone holder, 4 containers that can be used for stationery, 1 cubed paper holder for memos or notes.

Dimensions – 430mm wide x 120mm deep x 100mm high

Our other stationery holders includes a memo/paper holder, a slanted pen holder and a book holder for books, diaries and files.

Cube paper holder dimensions – 105mm wide x 105mm deep x 100mm high

3 compartment penholder dimensions – 75mm wide x 145mm deep x 200mm high

Book/File holder dimensions – 85mm wide x 300mm deep x 330mm high