Happy Women’s month to all the beautiful and strong women of Southern Africa! We applaud you for all that you are and all that you do.

This page is dedicated to all the products we have manufactured in line with beauty, cosmetics, jewelry, baking, decor and many more! We will showcase all things pink and fun for the ladies!

Kindly note we do custom orders and have a wide variety of materials and colours to choose from. Spoil yourself this women’s month!

Necklace Display & Watch Glorifier

Store Jewellery Display

Jewellery Display

Cosmetic Tray

Blush Tray

Perfume Glorifier

Cake Stand

Cupcake Stand

Dessert Display Stand

Flower Display Stand

Acrylic Rose Box 

Acrylic Printed Flowers with Wood Decor

Forescolor Board with Pink Acrylic Envelopes

Pink Acrylic Lamp Shade

Printed Acrylic Block with Printed Messaging