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CLear Design Display

The brand was established in 1995 by owner, Darren van Eyk. Clear Design is an acrylic specialist offering clients marketing, visual merchandising, point of sale and custom made display options. We provide all industries, retailers and independent clients with innovative display solutions for their business.

Our products are powerful marketing tools that enable our customers to create superior impressions. Store fixtures are retail displays that are crucial in brand building and driving merchandise sales.

We offer

The full package solution for bespoke product development – concept and design to manufacturing and digital printing. Our ability to manufacture and print quality products has lead to us win several awards over the years including two Gapp Awards in 2016 and 2022.

We manufacture with

We use the following materials: Perspex, Plexiglas, Forescolour wood, EU Mirror and Greencast Acrylic. Madre Perla is 100% recyclable acrylic material imported from Italy. It is easy to work with, affordable and the most sustainable option for your next project. Materials we use are available in a variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses, supporting our clients specific product design.



CEO & Founder


Meet Darren. The founder of Clear Design Display. Darren started the company young with the idea of becoming a market leader for acrylic fabrication through penetrating the African market. Through Darren’s vision, drive and leadership, we have been operating since 1995.



Sales Director


Meet Christa. Christa manages the sales team, liaises with the production manager and is involved in business strategy formulation. She believes in excellent customer service, hard work and ethical business values. Christa has a knack for understanding customer needs.


Head Designer


Meet Clint. Our creative director and head designer. With years of experience and extensive knowledge of materials and their capabilities, he is able to design remarkable displays and provide technical advice on products manufactured.


Clear Design Display is a leading acrylic fabricator, specialising in designing and building perspex and plexiglas products. Supporting visual communication, merchandising and point of sale displays for retailers and independent clients across the African market.


Clear Design Display strives to be the preferred acrylic fabricator in the Southern African market, through continued investment in staff and our manufacturing process. We view our services as a partnership to our clients’ business rather than a supplier.


years of experience




catalogue products



The current owner, Darren, started Clear Design working for an electronic company who focused on acrylic manufacturing and product design.


Moved to small 100sqm production workshop in Pinelands, Cape Town


Business relocated to Maitland in 250sqm workshop.


Increased space to 400sqm. Installed CNC router machine and diamond polish equiptment.



Increased space to 1500sqm. Installed a second flat bed printer and acquired new acrylic material.


We extended the workshop to fit an 800sqm production space. We installed our first UV digital flat bed printer to bring printing in-house.



Increased brand awareness by revamping our branding and online presence.


Due to the Pandemic outbreak the company had to go through drastic change. We had a limited production team. A need for Safety Screens and sanitizing stations thankfully enabled us to continue working.

New Innovations

Working in the Pandemic has proven to be tough and has affected us all but we remain optimistic and through the support of our clients and staff, persevered to create impressionable displays and expand our team.



The year of opportunities! We plan on broadening our marketing reach by participating in competitions and trade shows, to gain more local and international exposure.

Located in Cape Town, Clear Design Display ships products to all our clients in Southern Africa and exporting to our clients globally. We offer professional workmanship and can cater for small, medium and large size orders with affordable pricing and favorable exchange rates.

In the fast competitive world of retail marketing, Clear Design Display is always updating new manufacturing, print design ideas and material options to our client’s in the Corporate Retail industries which include Shopfitting, Advertising, Marketing companies, manufacturing and wholesale companies, all benefiting from Clear Designs unique manufacturing and printing capabilities for their promotional display needs.

We are highly skilled in creating customized Perspex and Plexiglas products that exceed customer expectations. We place great emphasis on quality and attention to detail. We have the knowledge and experience fabricating & Thermo-forming Perspex and Plexiglas sheeting to suit your individual purposes.

We have a design department full of visionaries ready to create the product of your dreams. Our digital printing department uses non-scratching inks and is able to print on virtually any material– such as Plexiglas, glass wood, vinyl, and wallpaper.

We utilize computer-aided drawing software, employ state-of-the-art printing techniques and specialized machinery to manufacture impressionable high-quality products.

For more information about us and our products, feel free to browse our online catalogue or email our sales team. We have developed an impressive catalogue with a variety of display options for all industries!

Additionally , we manufacture customised acrylic products! When requesting a quote for a customized product, including elements such as images, sizes, color and material preferences would be very useful. In turn if you are unsure, we are able to offer you expert advice.

We regularly research European market trends, and visit suppliers and trade shows overseas. We have a strong relationship with suppliers in South Africa and Europe which gives us a competitive edge in terms of meeting local and international customers high expectations.

Acrylic is the perfect material for your project. This distinctive material is 100% recyclable and has a wide range of benefits including being strong, durable, lightweight, flexible and easy to bend and mold into shapes. This makes it versatile and enables it to have a variety of applications.

There is no difference. Plexiglas, Perspex and Madreperla are brand names that have become a generic term for acrylic.

Yes it can, as it is more versatile compared to glass! Although acrylic does not give the same “look” as glass, it is the perfect alternative. It is transparent, seven times stronger than glass, has a higher impact resistance than glass and weighs less, making it easier to handle, carry and transport.

Acrylic is not toxicological harmful and therefore is perfect for storing/displaying food in. When used in ambient temperatures, the material does not pose a toxicological threat to one’s health, which ensures safe consumption of food items.

It is important to take great care in how you clean and handle your acrylic products to prevent damage. Click here for more information

No, high quality acrylic materials do not turn yellow over time as they have properties that protect it from heat and weather. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Unfortunately, acrylic does scratch easily. It is important to make sure your acrylic product does not come into contact with sharp or abrasive items. To remove scratches, you can wipe it down using Braso and a soft cloth, afterwards washing it with soapy water.

No, as the material is extremely durable, has high impact resistance, is heat and weather resistant, and is shatterproof. It is a tough material and if it does break, it would fracture into large pieces.

No, the melting point for acrylic is only at 160 degrees Celsius. This makes it perfect for outdoor application.

Yes, it is. We use Greencast acrylic materials that is made up of 100% recyclable materials. This sustainable material is the first of its kind and uses less natural resources and exhausts no harmful toxins during the recycling process. It is the perfect material to satisfy the triple bottom line of our business.