Corporate Social Responsibility is the duty we, as Clear Design, have to ensure our business contributes to the triple bottom line (planet, people and profits). We operate in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner. 


In our manufacturing process, we use materials that are eco-friendly. The acrylic sheets used to make our client’s products comprise of recycled materials. In the production of our materials less carbon emissions are produced compared to virgin materials. We also make sure that any waste materials are recycled or reused. 


Skills development is a fundamental element to the success of our business. Our staff undergo ongoing training on our machines, operations and materials. Training is costly and skills develop over time but we believe it is worth the investment in order to aid our staff and company. We enrich our staff with knowledge and expertise so that they can become better craftsmen and are able to complete more complex jobs. The more skills they develop, the more valuable they become and can reap financial and non-financial (praise, skill set) rewards. 


One of the main reasons any business operates is to make profits. We all have families and loved ones that we need to provide for. We price our products competitively as our customers are making an investment for quality products that will help their business’ grow.