Courier Delivery and Insurance

With a trusted long-term relationship in place, Clear Design’s transport partner understands how important your order is, so extra care and measures are put in place to achieve the best outcome during transportation of customers products. Clear Design’s transport partner includes transport insurance should any incidents happen during transit. Road freight and air freight options are available.
The Clear Design sales team along with our shipping partner will work to achieve the best, safest and cost effective option(s) for your order to be received at the expected arrival date.

Choosing Your Own Transport Option

From time-to-time, client’s do choose to work with their own transport options. Clear Design will accommodate clients that would prefer this option. It’s important that clients inform their transport agents and staff that they need to handle all products responsibly and with extra care otherwise if displays are improperly handled or there is poor super vision when packing or unpacking boxes, your products are at risk of being damaged.
Please make sure every detail is planned for, to safeguard your display(s) and include transport insurance.
For clients using their own transport options, Clear Design will not take responsibility for any damage to displays.

Transportation and Handling

Acrylic is a fantastic material with so many uses. Regardless of how a product is packed, if poor judgment is used in transporting and handling of your product, the chances of product damage is high i.e., during transportation, handling, and installation.
The following is important to prevent disappointment:
• Please sternly inform and communicate with your team and transport company that extra care and attention is needed during all points of handling (packing and unpacking).
• Do not drop, chuck, toss or kick a packaged product, as this will damage your product.
• Do not double stack boxes.
• Please ensure that you have insurance cover with your transport company in the event of unexpected circumstances.
• Cleaning your product correctly is important. Please request a cleaning guide from Clear Design sales team.
Clear Design Display has a long-standing experience with our current contracted courier service, Star Express and Lace Couriers, who offer insurance cover, should this be required from time to time, and they are well acquainted of the transportation and handling of products from Clear Design Display.