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Many Hands, One Mission

Our senior staff has many years of experience in fabrication and thermoforming products supporting retailers, [...]

Giving Wasted Acrylic Materials New Life

Besides working with sustainable acrylic materials, we design displays making best use of our materials [...]

Acrylic is NOT plastic

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear daily is that acrylic is plastic. Acrylic is [...]

Mini Acrylic Domes Redefine Beauty Product Displays

In retail, we understand the trend and growing demand for convenience, portability and versatility in [...]

Protect Your Investment: Dust Covers for Your Podium, Lectern & Pulpit

It is important to preserve the integrity of your acrylic podiums! Without proper care and [...]

Purchasing Local Stock is More Sustainable

The convenience of having catalogue items readily available and in stock locally is extremely advantageous [...]

Environmentally Conscious Delights

We are offering a sustainable packaging solution for florists and events planners! Our premium acrylic [...]

Design Student Factory Visit

In a collaborative initiative to bridge academia and industry, we hosted second year design students [...]

Celebrating Wins

Amidst the chaos of the recent taxi strikes, that has created unforeseen disruptions to our [...]

Create Maximum Impact With Acrylic Dome Placements

We have compiled a guide on how to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your [...]