Courier Handling & Delivery Services

Your product is important to us. We have taken great care in manufacturing your product and if you are using your own transportation services, there is important information that needs to be communicated to your staff, installation team and courier services.

Acrylic is a fantastic material with so many uses. Regardless of how a product is packed, if poor judgment is used in transporting and handling of your product, the chances of product damage is high i.e., during transportation, handling, and installation.

The following information is important in ensuring the safe arrival of your product. Please sternly inform your team and transport company that extra care and attention is needed during all points of handling the package. Do not drop, chuck/toss, kick a package, or double stack boxes as this will damage the product. Ensure that you have insurance cover with your transport company in the event of unexpected circumstances. Drive slowly and carefully when you have a load. All Clear Design boxes have Fragile stickers on so please handle each package with care.