Podiums and Madiba Day

Clear Design’s podiums are well known and widely used across Southern Africa. Each podium represents quality craftsmanship, creative design and is backed with a one-year manufacturers warranty. All our podiums come standard with its own FREE dust cover, and now – for a limited time only – we also offer FREE SHIPPING across South Africa!
If you already have a podium, go to our website to see our new Podium Shields, creating a clear barrier between your speaker and your audience. Make sure your venue has all the necessary covid protection; speak to one of our consultants today. 

What a proud moment it was, Madiba behind one of our podiums! 

While Mandela day this year is going to be very different from before, may the essence of Mandela day be carried in each and every one of us “take action, inspire change”

Happy Mandela day.