Sweet like honey!

We build brilliant, eye-catching displays for businesses that attend exhibitions! The golden rule in exhibiting is to have a professional and creative stand in order to attract the right customers. The displays need to be unique and memorable as there are numerous exhibitors at the event, meaning competition is at an all time high.

For this project, we designed and manufactured bright yellow plinths with acrylic covers to protect our client’s products while displaying them in an aesthetic way. On the plinth we have mounted panels with digitally printed branding and product information. The additional signage on the plinth includes QR codes for connecting with our client’s social media and business website. We have also mounted a brochure holder on the side for additional pamphlets the client wishes to hand-out.

Our client was very happy with the outcome of her displays for the exhibition. She was successful in creating brand awareness and attracting new customers to her business.