Visual Merchandising Trends

Visual merchandising is a type of marketing that focuses on the visual appeal or aesthetic of a store. It prioritizes the store and merchandise layout, in order to effectively promote products and drive sales. The focal point is to draw attention, create emotional and meaningful connections to a brand and it’s products, and entice customers to make purchases.

Customization will always be a MUST. Creating positive, personal and unique experiences promotes word of mouth and creates loyal customers.

In the digital age we are living in, QR codes are extremely popular. They are quick and easy marketing tools that provide customers with valuable brand information. We have built numerous displays with printed QR codes on it, and this has helped brands maximize their brand awareness and exposure.

Informational signage is an important 2022 fad. It is necessary to provide customers with general and brand information in store. It is an effective tactic as it increases foot traffic and navigates a customer’s journey in store.

Instagrammable displays attract customers. Social networking sites, such as Instagram, are extremely useful in promoting your brand. Having beautiful displays and store layouts, attract visitors and entice them to share photos, videos and their experiences online. This in turn creates invaluable word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

Clear Design specializes in providing displays that lift your business, attract customers, and improve your overall sales performance. Displays are a crucial element to the success of your business venture.