Tall Free-Standing Entry Box

A free-standing entry box with a sign holder is a secure container designed to collect and store cash or other valuable items at the point of sale, with an additional feature of a sign holder to display important information or advertising.

This entry box is typically positioned near the cash register or checkout area and allows customers or employees to securely deposit money or other items without the need for direct access to the cash drawer or safe. The sign holder feature allows for the display of important information such as store policies, promotions, or branding.

By providing a secure and convenient way to collect cash and other valuable items, as well as an additional feature of a sign holder, free-standing entry boxes with sign holders can help to reduce the risk of theft or loss while providing a customizable solution for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility.

Box Measurements

300mm x 300mm x 1000mm, 218mm x 218mm x 610mm, 215mm x 215mm x 600mm

Material / Colour

Clear Acrylic, Colour Acrylic

Sign Holder Size

A3, A4

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