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Hourglass Podium

An hourglass podium is a type of lectern or pulpit that features a curved, hourglass-shaped design on the front face. Available is the option to have a privacy screen sophisticatedly bolted to the front.

It typically has a flat base and a raised top surface where a speaker can place their notes or materials. The hourglass shape can add a unique visual element to the podium and make it stand out from more traditional designs.


Consider the option of a side table supporting the Podium -see design No 17 for more details on a side table.


Podium Size

Height 1100mm, Width 800mm, Depth 500mm




Branding with UV-digital print or vinyl decal, Branding without UV-digital print or vinyl decal

Privacy Screen

With Privacy Screen, Without Privacy Screen

Perfect for public speaking or presentations.

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